The Story

10 Years after an unexplained disaster left a crater where “Limbeaux , a sleepy town nestled between two states and a nuclear power plant once stood . A confused high school teacher with no memory of his past ,finds himself the quarry of relentless beast, bounty hunters, government scientist and cannibals. After he wakes from a 9-year coma, endowed with unexplained abilities, the teacher finds himself in an uneasy role of responsibility, leading and caring for a group of survivors …students changed forever after being exposed to Orgonite, a man-made element processed into a hexagonal shaped fuel nugget known as ORGON61. Trapped in the “Zone”, the teacher and four disparate students: the gun-toting, wall scaling, candy loving House. The part plant all girl Miti Aan, the enigmatic Monk, and a vengeance-driven cyborg hulk called Gunnar. The teacher and his students fight to protect the last survivors of Limbeaux, from abuse, torture, and annihilation when he discovers orgonites' true power and the cosmic threat it poses, the teacher must rally his ragtag class to save the outside world from itself.

The Reluctant Leader

After waking from a 9-year coma, endowed with unexplained abilities he wants only one thing. Find his finance, or what happened to her. Torn between his own desire and the responsibility of being the Teacher.

The Corporation

Founded by a triad of government and private interest the Corporation is profiting from the research of Professor R Wilhelms. Creating new sciences ,systems and energy sources the Corporation seems unstoppable .

The Wild-Life

Reveal Coming Soon!!!!

The City

The Children

The Townies

Meet the Class


The Survivor

Always a loner, always a survivor, this girl has seen a lot, then she woke up with a tail and claws . House was scrapping through life before the event, sent to Limbeaux by the courts to live with a foster family, House was on her own . After she found The Teacher, she found a family. A gymnast with the agility and speed of a cat, House has honed her skills avoiding the unsavory characters that embody the dilapidated high school.


The Renaissance Man

The eldest of the class, Monk was always kinda on his own. Now he seconds The Teacher and has been caring for younger students since the beginning. Very much a self-taught engineer and martial arts combatant Monk, is responsible for make-shift vehicles and weapons and some of Gunnar's mechanical parts and repairs. Monk's bravery and strength have been the resistance against many threats long before The Teacher awoke.


The Power House

A man of little to no words, Gunnar was rescued from experimentation and torture. No one knows anything else about him., except his driving desire to destroy those who hurt him the most , the green suited sweepers sent out by the corporation. Rescued by Monk Gunnar is the youngest of the group and a sadreflection of the torture and terror the children face.

Miti Aan

The Princess

The daughter of a prestigious surgeon and african royalty , Miti Aan's family was seeking the perfect " Amercian Dream" moving to Limbeaux . Treated like a princess Miti was very focused on her social life and still is. Both she and Monk have embraced "transformation"and each other and together are the arbor and light of this group .

Welcome to Limbeaux

Limbeaux, a sleepy town nestled between two states and a nuclear power plant was never really known for anything but peace and quite. Nestled between to ridges and sided by a river it was once a thriving port town then later an integral part of the Nuclear era. Being one of the first nuclear power sites in the country. Now decades later its all gone, wiped out, with no explanation to the world for the devastation or its inhabitants who all but just vanished. Now a nine-mile radial wasteland called the "Zone" belongs to "The Corporation" who not only holds Limbeuax's assets but its secrets as well.      


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