My Approach

As an art educator, I am constantly looking for ways to improve my subject knowledge and pedagogical skills. I set an
example by continuing to be a student of art, of teaching, and of learning. I always endeavor to do the very best I can
in the classroom, never forgetting the influence I have on my students. I hope to instill in them an enthusiasm for art,
and for learning.

My Story

My role as a teacher has never been limited to the classroom. I constantly seek out ways that I can benefit the school and the community through my work. I have held a number of different positions of teaching and performing supplemental duties and in the past few years, I have found that I enjoy and have much to contribute.  After a career in industrial technology, the oil, gas industry, and information technologies, I went back to college to earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts in studio art concentrating in printmaking.  I started a gallery, lived as a working artist, and then began teaching while earning an Alternative Certification at night.

As an artist, I have had my work featured in the Acadiana Center for the Arts, Paul and Lulu Hilliard Museum, and Jefferson Street Gallery of Lafayette. My original prints have become highly collectible and can be found in prestigious collections such as the George Rodrigue Private collection, The Library of Congress African American Arts Collection, and The Paul and Lulu Hilliard Private Collections.  My art has been featured in several books namely “Louisiana Folktales: Lupin, Bouki, and Other Creole Stories”, “The Kingdom” graphic novel, “Deuces Wild” graphic novel, “Louisiana Southwestern Review 2008-2012”, and several illustrations for the UL Press of Lafayette. In the past 5 years, my students have earned awards and honors in a variety of art contests. I have watched 26 of my students graduate and enroll in Art programs throughout Louisiana, Mississippi, and Tennessee. I am currently working on a new graphic novel, “Orgon61.”  I also manage a small creative startup company called “Hare House Press.”

My experiences have led me to teaching Visual Arts at the high school level, Digital Arts, Robotics and Cyber Literacy, and the opportunity to serve as a Teacher Technology Facilitator.  I have written and implemented the Visual Arts Curriculum for West Feliciana Parish High School, established differentiated, student-centered lessons incorporating STEM/STEAM components. I have worked in unison with the Secondary Education Coach and Principal to develop the Media and Digital Arts Program for the Industry Curriculum as well as undertaken a variety of consultant and mentoring positions applying the skills, extensive knowledge of the educational field, drive, and dedication in hopes of bringing meaningful and valuable knowledge back to the district and the classroom.

Currently I am an active board member of Louisiana Art Educators Association and served as Chairperson and Conference Coordinator of the 2015 National Art Educator Association Convention in New Orleans, LA in 2015.

As an educator, I have found my ultimate passion is in designing and implementing curriculum that promotes the most effective and efficient teaching for student learning. I have always felt that a holistic approach to curriculum that integrates similar themes across subjects and grade levels while incorporating authentic and experiential learning is the most relevant to students while supporting their academic success. My organizational skills and big-picture frame of mind has always benefited me in creating and carrying out this type of instruction.

I find that my vibrant personality, professional confidence, and vigorous determination when faced with meaningful educational responsibilities will be immediately apparent. I have strong opinions about school policies and feel that, as an administrator, I will have more and better opportunities to share my insights with those in the policy-making arena. I also like working with the public and will make it my intent that my interactions with adults and children always exhibit incredible empathy, concern, and sincerity.  I have modeled my professional image after administrators and colleagues who have displayed a demeanor that commands respect, exudes professionalism, and conveys instructional knowledge and competency. This has truly helped me understand the importance of doing the best thing for our students and schools as both a teacher and a leader.  I see myself as being at an exciting place in my career.