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Kilian Williams-Morantine

My name is Killian Williams I am a visual arts teacher at Hahnville High School in St. Charles Parish. I am educator of 8 plus years experience,  an accomplished artist and advocate for education of the creative classes within schools.   I believe in Civic Education, as a leader

My current mission is to create a viable arts curriculum that is interconnected to all disciplines and is driven by current and relevant content.  With emphasis on interactive components of instruction, discussion, and critical analysis throughout the “Arts Experience”, the curriculum will create “21st Century – Future Ready” students for an ever growing creative class and economy.





My pedagogy is a simple one to Teach,Lead,and Create

I TEACH  To prepare students to be creative, critical and responsive professionals through fine arts, design and performance programs.

I LEAD through my examples of service to students and communities by means of collaborative, innovative, opportunities and partnerships.

I CREATE  viable arts curriculum ,opportunities for students to safely express themselves, positive environments where peers feel supported coupled with instruction,discussion and critical analysis.

I am influenced most by artist Joseph Beuys and Anselm Kiefer the writings of  Carl Jung and Educational Leader Patty Bode’

My current favorite quotes are  :

“The principal role of a creative  leader is not to have all the ideas; it  is to nurture a culture where  everyone can have new ideas.”“Promoting creativity systematically  in schools is about transforming the  culture of education as a whole.”A creative culture in schools  depends on re-energizing the creative abilities of teachers.” – Sir Ken Robinson, Out of Our Minds

Knowledge is created by the learner, not given by the teacher.” -UNKNOWN

It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.” – Albert Einstein