The science of art: West Feliciana High students explore another perspective of the trade | West Feliciana |

West Feliciana High School’s digital, visual and talented art students experienced both art and science during a recent visit to the New Orleans Glass Works & Printmaking Studio, a circa-1800s brick restored building measuring over 25,000 square feet on Magazine Street.

The April 11 trip to the studio, a hot spot for artisans to gather, teach and practice their crafts through private demonstrations and workshops, offered the students a different view on various art forms.

They were treated to STEAM-based (science, technology, engineering, arts and math) demonstrations on glass blowing, while learning the science of glass and the physics behind the art form.

Several artists explained the components of some of the short courses and workshops held at the studio, such as on glassblowing, metal sculpture, printmaking, glass flameworking, copper enameling, stained glassmaking, mosaics and digital animation.

One of the artists, while crafting a hand-blown glass art piece, made fresh popcorn for the students inside the glass sculpture.

Printmaker Jessika Normington guided the teens through the process of using oil pigments and water based starches to create art.

“I wanted our students to experience the other side of art. A lot of times art is seen as a painting on the wall, but this studio visit provided valuable experiences in the processes of some various art forms as well as the end product,” teacher Killian Williams-Morantine said, when explaining why he chose to take the students to the New Orleans studio rather than to a museum or gallery.

The youth got to watch a conductivity experiment using liquid glass, the making of glass threads, also known as fiber optic roving, and learned about the process of paper marbling during their trip.

Source: The science of art: West Feliciana High students explore another perspective of the trade | West Feliciana |

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